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About RLSafeHome LLC

Often, a few simple changes make all the difference.  Short term rehabilitation needs or longer, normal change of life conditions are helped with knowledgeable, common sense adjustments.  Enjoy secure mobility and avoid unnecessary, costly falls in your home and commercial surroundings.

We are experienced in Elderly Social Services and home remodeling - CAPS trained for aging in place by AARP and the National Association of Home Builders and licensed and insured for your protection.  Affiliated with Therapists, Medical Pharmacies, and many Elderly and Handicap Care Agencies - we and our partners are here to help you when you need it as soon as possible.

Based in Hampton, NH, we travel far for your needs and understand what you are going through.


What one customer has to say...

I am so grateful to RLSafeHome!  Leaving tomorrow for one year world wide and batteries were weak.  They saw me next day and put them in.  I could have lost my foot if I had to stand on it if my scooter had gone overseas.  So am so, so grateful they did this within 12 hrs. notice!  Great people!

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