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Long Life Gear

Today's active seniors are getting it done!

Don't let mobility issues keep you from enjoying life in your own home.

At RLSafeHome we work with our customers to make staying in their homes a priority by consulting with and making recommendations for modifications that can make it easier for you to remain in your home.

From basic, inexpensive solutions to more involved modifications, we can make sure that remaining in your own home is easier, safer, and a viable option when compared to moving.


In meeting the challenge of knees, hips, general aches & pains, and even more drastic, health issues - we find how valuable a safer, functional home is.

Move It or Lose It

Mobility aids can keep you in your own home vs. an expensive Big Move. Extend your independence and social life. Consider the following:

  1. Safe Stairways prevent Falls. STAIRLIFTS Straight or Curved, carry one person up and down stairs with light loads. They fold up tight against the wall and have remote controls to give you full control of calling/sending the chairs, and they are battery powered so you are safe through Power outages.
  2. Stable, Safe Access to your home.  MODULAR ALUMINUM RAMPS install fast. They require no maintenance and allow you and your visitors safe passage.
  3. Clean, Safe, Accessible Baths and Shower.  WALK-IN BATHS provide great stress and pain relief. A HYDRO MASSAGE THERAPY BATH can help lower your blood pressure, and can provide welcome relief for many...difficult ailments: arthritis, lower back pain, insomnia, diabetes, asthma, bronchitis, anxiety, sciatica and more... Our tubs fit into even small shower spaces - you can easily shower or take a bath by yourself.
  4. Convenient Direct Access to your home.  VERTICAL PLATFORM LIFTS are a smooth, strong way to reach any height to your door, with a weight capacity up to 750 lbs. Indoor/outdoor function in a small space allows easy access for you, and even a caregiver. Heights to 16 feet w/o the large space of a ramp (usually 1 foot of length to every 1" of rise). Use in garages and porches/decks. Battery powered if needed.
  5. TUB CUTS make an open inexpensive entry into a bathtub. They create an instant shower and need no further bathroom work, beyond basic grab bar needs.