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Indoor Gear

You're the boss!  When we come to your home or business we listen and observe, discussing with therapists if necessary - THEN we suggest and implement solutions according to your needs.  Using the standard safety codes of ADA and ANSI, we go to work for you - often, meeting tight time lines for people returning from costly rehabilitation stays.  We work with Physical and Occupational Therapists to install needed Grab Bars, Railings, Tub Cuts, Stair lifts, Elevators (with our partner, The Elevator Service Co.), Door Widening, Walk-in Baths (now wheelchair accessible!) and perform Universal Design home modifications.

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I am so grateful to RLSafeHome!  Leaving tomorrow for one year world wide and batteries were weak.  They saw me next day and put them in.  I could have lost my foot if I had to stand on it if my scooter had gone overseas.  So am so, so grateful they did this within 12 hrs. notice!  Great people!

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