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Open Sesame Door Openers

Open Sesame automatically opens and closes a door from your wheelchair or scooter!  

Open Sesame Door System has been designed for the home environment. It unlatches, opens and closes a door with the touch of a button. With a chair mounted transmitter and other remote controls.  Most people do not want a supermarket type door operator on the front doors of their homes. Through advanced technology, this product has become the smallest and most attractive product on the market. Its appearance is very similar to that of the commonly found door closer.

Unique Features:

  • Batter Back UpBattery Back-up: Imagine arriving at your home during an electrical storm and finding that a power outage has locked you out because your automatic door won't work. Feel secure with the Open Sesame Door System! The system includes a built-in back up battery. Fire and electrical failure often occur simultaneously. Open Sesame, with its battery back-up, allows you to get in and out when you desire it most. The built-in battery back-up feature is not available from other manufacturers.

  • Open Sesame Door OpenerOpens and Closes at Your Control: Open Sesame Door System is a door operator that both opens and closes a door. It does not close the door with a spring mechanism as do most other systems. The door closes under power, at your command, allowing the door to be left open indefinitely if you so desire. This is a real advantage when one is transporting groceries or caring for children. Many people use it for letting their pets in and out. People confined to wheelchairs or beds cannot usually operate windows, but this system allows them some control of ventilation and room temperature.

  • Open Sesame TransmitterChoice of 1 Transmitter: Provided with the Open Sesame Door System is your choice of one of these five different remote control transmitters.

  • securitySecurity: The Open Sesame system incorporates the use of a door release mechanism installed in the door frame. This type of mechanism, called an “electric strike plate”, is commonly used in apartment buildings where an intercom system is present, and allows the continued use of all existing keys. There are some exceptions where non-locking door handles are present and existing hardware may need to be replaced.With the Open Sesame System the door is unlatched and power opened at your command through the remote control. Your keys will still unlatch your door, to allow other family members to still be able to easily access the door. 

  • Open SesameFits Most Doors . . . so Take It With You When You Move: The Open Sesame Door operator is adaptable to many different door arrangements. It can be made to operate with either left-handed or right-handed hinged doors, as well as outward or inward opening doors. If you relocate, you can take the unit with you and only minor adaptations will be necessary. Contributing to the ease of installation and re-installation is because the Open Sesame is powered by a plug-in wall transformer and all wiring in the system is low voltage. This eliminates the need for costly electrical outlets installed at the site of installation.