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Miscellaneous Mobility, Home Safety, and Indoor/Outdoor Long Life Gear

RLSafeHome carries a wide array of miscellaneous home safety and mobility aids in stock in its retail location.  From easy-mount grab bars and handles, ease-of-access aids for your automobile, canes, walkers, knee-rollers, motion-activated lighting products, and many other safety and convenience items to make you safer in and around your home.  Please call us and let us help you to solve your particular safety, access, or convenience problems.

We are experienced in Elderly Social Services and home remodeling - CAPS trained for aging in place by AARP and the National Assoc. of Home Builders and licensed and insured for your protection. Affiliated with Therapists, Medical Pharmacies and many Elderly and Handicap Care Agencies - we and our partners are here to help you when you need it as soon as possible. Often, a few simple changes make all the difference. Short term rehabilitation needs or longer, normal change of life conditions are helped with knowledgeable, common sense adjustments. Enjoy secure mobility and avoid unnecessary, costly falls in your home and commercial surroundings.