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We Install New and Refurbished Stairlifts

RLSafeHome installs, repairs, and services both new AND refurbished stairlifts and vertical platform lifts throughout Southern ME, the Seacoast of NH, and Northeastern MA.  We can save you thousands of dollars on the purchase of a new stairlift or new vertical platform lift with a thoroughly inspected and tested refurbished stairlift or refurbished vertical platform lift.  Our years of experience working with all of the top stairlift manufacturers allows us to assess and purchase gently used equipment and restore it to meet factory specifications.  These refurbished stairlifts and refurbished platform lifts come complete with warranties the same a new equipment does and can save you thousands.

We also purchase used stairlifts and used vertical platform lifts.  If you'd like us to consider buying your stairlift or vertical platform lift, please give us a call!